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 Section IV Writing

Part A

47. Directions:

Part B

48. Directions:

Write an essay based on the chart below. In your writing, you should

1) interpret the chart, and

2) give your comments.

You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET. (15 points)


本篇英語二大作文的結構要分三段來寫:第一段描述圖表,第二段分析原因,第三段給出結論、趨勢預測及建議。第一段描述圖表要觀察全面,不可遺漏有用信息。其中用手機學習的占主要比例,占59.5%,可以用這個句型來寫:…take(s) a lion’s share, accounting for 59.5%,其它用手機的目的是打發時間、瀏覽信息和其它,分別占到20.5%,17%和2%,這三者可以放在一起用一個句子來搞定,……occupy 20.5%, 17% and 2% respectively。




一段:As is apparently demonstrated in the chart above, we are informed some information concerning college students’ reading intentions with mobile phones in a certain university. To be more specific, with the help of cell phones, the proportions of college students’ spending on study take a lion’s share, accounting for up to 59.5%. Then those who would like to spend more time on goofing, browsing information and others occupy approximately 20%, 17% and 2% respectively.

二段: There are diverse components contributing to the above trend, but generally speaking, they may put down to the following two aspects. Initially, there is no doubt that recent years have witnessed the rapid development of economy, and people’s living standards have been improved remarkably, as a result of which, an increasing number of parents are likely to buy their children a smart phone, which may provide possibility for students to apply more advanced equipment into study, to the extent that their learning efficiency and reading horizons would be improved. Simultaneously, along with the development of technology and the advancement of the Internet, a growing quantity of college students’ reading habits have been changed because mobile phones would offer more convenience during their study, which should be taken into account.

三段: Based on the discussion above, a conclusion can be drawn safely that college students’ reading habits adhere to youngsters’ characteristics and comply with the trait of the new era. Given the data above, it is well predicted that this trend as reflected by the pie chart above will continue for a while in the near future. Nevertheless, there are also some potential risks if college students are too addicted to mobile phones; therefore, it is advisable for youngsters to arrange time reasonably during using cell phones.



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